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Money money money money….


My former partner is up to his old tricks again, trying to send me spreadsheets so he doesn’t have to have a sit down and be honest talk together and plan forward.  I think he’s scared, which I hope he isn’t.  In any case, I was a little short while he was on the way to work this morning, and I said something like this:

“Oh…..nooooo..I expect you to schedule a meeting with me, show up on time and prepared with reports, paperwork in order and be ready to do some RISK ANALYSIS before we spend another dime on ANYTHING.  DID YOU HEAR THAT NO MORE SPENDING ANY MORE MONEY until we meet together.


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Status Update – October 12, 2014


I’m doing a weekly news journal about my happy retirement.  The first release is almost ready.  All of the salacious and awful details of my life are going to be splashed across the pages.  COMING SOON.

A while back I wrote such a crisply worded memo to the City Manager that they dispatched two cops to apologize for last years tasing incident.  The were very polite and mannered, actually rang the doorbell and I invited them into my living room while I sat down in my big leather execute chair and smiled.  The two guys stood at attention speechless in front of me and we looked at each other and no one knew what to say.  I wanted to fall on the floor laughing.  The older gentleman at one point asked, and I’m paraphrasing, “So…do you have any pills???”

I laughed and giggled and said “There are a LOT of PILLS.”  The other more handsome fellow had a flash of rage across face, (he was the one that got to tase me in the ass a year ago. He had such a gratifying sneer of RAGE.  LOL  I hope they don’t come back, I tried be gentle….



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Status update – Working and awake for ~3-4 days


I’ve written so many awful memos and done so much for the past few days I’ve actually lost a lot of weight.  I’m starting to look like my old self again.  I was just pausing to reflect on this past year and the appalling behavior from others I’ve had to put up with when I realized, reviewing some of the memos I’ve sent that I’m MOLTEN EVIL.  Stay tuned, I’m going to share one of those memo’s I sent to my poor neighbors who HATE me they just HATE me.  (I’ve been told they don’t want to hear from me and only want to deal with our Unit through interaction with my X.)  So, there you have it, though I’m in my home again and own 1/2 ownership in it’s share, my Condo Association would ‘prefer’ not to see or hear from me.  I’ve been thrown out of another club, (again.)  I’m so lonely.