Give as much care to the ending as to the beginning

“Experience can be very painful for all of us so whether it’s that you’ve gone to college and you’ve made friends with people and you’re leaving college and you no longer see those people, or whether it’s a one-to-one intimate relationship, or whether it’s someone who’s moved abroad, there is always this sense of loss and parting and breakdown and how we cope with that, because we are so vulnerable at the end of the day.

Sometimes that wounded self is so broken that the pieces can never mend and in our friendships you have the coming together, and then we have the bits where they get broken so much they can’t ever be put together again.

I’ve seen in my own life that that’s happened with relationships with people in all kinds of ways, and I have regrets sometimes about how it’s like that yet it seems to be inevitable.

And I think this song contains an element of regret, of wanting things to be different, wanting to put the pieces back together again but yet once it’s broken it can’t be done. This is all part of the human experience.”

–Annie Lennox
From the Audio Commentary [Bonus Version] of Smithereens


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